It's getting cooler - we estimate that we have one more hot week left. That means it's time for you to start prepping your home for Fall in Colorado!! 

Take care of these 10 easy items to ensure that you are protecting your investment 

1. Turn off Outdoor Water Lines and Blow out your Sprinklers

Drain outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems. A $100 blow out is a lot more cost effective than a complete sprinkler system replacement. 

2. Plant Bulbs for Spring-Blooming Flowers

If you plant your bulbs in October, as soon as the soil begins to cool, you'll be set up for a beautiful Spring bloom.

3. Inspect Seals

Keep the warm air in and the cool air out - seals are one of a homes major point of heat loss. Inspect your windows and doors for wear and tear and replace seals as needed. There is no need to waste money on inefficient heating. It's also a great time tore-caulk around windows and other places.

4. Fix cracks in your concrete

This is one of the later times that you can fix concrete in Colorado due to the weather. A simple concrete caulk may be more than enough, but for larger cracks or settling you may need to call a professional. We know a few if you need help. If you don't take care of cracks soon they will expand over time through water intrusion and freeze-thaw weathering. 

5. Clean your Furnace

Most HV/AC professionals will tell you to change your furnace filter every two months. But how many of us remember to do that? Getting your furnace cleaned and serviced will not only increase the life span of your HV/AC system, but will also maintain clean airflow and decrease cost. Colorado is basically a dust bowl so spend the $60 to have it done.

6. Clean the Grill and Other Furniture Outside

One of the chores that we don't want to do, but keeping things stored cleanly will prolong their life, and will declutter your exterior. 

7. Clean your Chimney and Fireplace

You can inspect your fireplace yourself to see if it needs a professional clean, but make sure that you inspect the flue, the doors, and the shield before operating. Don't forget to stock up on fire wood too!

8. Clean the Gutters

Need I say more? 

9. Prepare a Mudroom

This is our favorite - bare in mind that I have three dogs and two kids. Think about re-tiling your entry way and setting up a boot storing area as well as a heavy coat rack. This could be an awesome weekend project. Follow our Pinterest to see what we create and what we draw inspiration from. 

10. Check your Safety Items

This is a huge item on this list! When was the last time you checked your smoke or carbon monoxide detectors? Make sure that you inspect and replace batteries in them all. It's a good idea to make a "go-bag" or have your important documents ready to roll just in case. We have a draw in the kitchen for flashlights, candles, batteries, and other useful items. 



That's all we have for this short guide. Once you finish these items you'll be good to go for Fall.